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A special shout out to the Ladyboys and Girls in Utah County- Provo Pride is hosting The Miss Righteous Provo Pageant for all you drag queens, or those hoping to make a start!

Click here for rules and more information.

Remember, ladies. You will need to 

and we’ll make it worth your while!

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Sashay Away

I wanted to officially tell you all that I’m going to stop using this blog. Through my interest in drag (ironically), I’ve gotten myself INCREDIBLY involved in Provo Pride, enough involvement that it’s become a part-time job to help try and set this thing up. And I’ve got to spend a lot more time focusing on my art as well, which is supposed to be a full-time job as an art student. 

I LOVE drag. I love the confidence I get from thinking of myself as a queen. I love doodling dresses and concepts. I love watches other queens and gagging. I love the lingo, I love the community, I love my pre-tucked sisters and my drag queen heroines. But I just don’t have time in my life to devote to this art and do so in a respectable way.

As Ron Swanson says, “Never half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing.” And unfortunately, Lady Laetitia needs to be one of those things I stop half-assing and just love for what she is and what she’s given me.

Lady Laetitia is who I am when I need the confidence to sing out, she’s who I am when I need the confidence to wear that makeup color, she’s who I am when I need the guts to stand up to whoever is tearing me or my friends down. This journey has taught me who she is and, in effect, who I am. I don’t want to tie that confidence to performing anymore. I’m not throwing out my wigs or lashes or anything. Performing and beating my face, even if just to lip sync with myself in a mirror, is irreplaceable.

I’m just going to distance myself from blogging about it under a separate identity and distance myself from the worry of being a “respectable queen”. Honey, I know I’m fabulous and really, that’s all I need.

So thank you, Lady Laetitia and ESPECIALLY all of you followers, for helping me take this journey to discover. You can continue to follow Provo Pride for all the gayness you want, my art blog for my professional growth, or my personal blog for whatever it is you follow personal blogs. Including any other times I beat my face and want to show it off! I’m still a pre-tucked drag queen in my heart of hearts, and you can’t take that away from me.

I love you all, and to each and every one of you- Shantay, you stay EXACTLY how you are!

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Now THIS is why I took Makeup Class. Finally got to do something worthy of my wig!

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Drag Race Appreciation - 10 Queens

10/10 Jade Jolie

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I teased my cheapest, ugliest wig and now I love it 

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